Questions received around submitting for the 2012 Award

We have received a number of questions with regards to the submission. In the final few days of getting your submission together, find some answers to some of the questions received that you might find useful: Can only South African photographers submit work? The key factor with any submission is that the project take place in South Africa, as would the exhibition if you won. So as a photographer residing elsewhere, you are more than welcome to complete a submission. When the selection will be announced for the award? And what is the time frame for finalizing the project? The committee will sit in July 2012 and the winner will be announced after the meeting. This year we have the exhibitions for last year's winner in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town - these are taking place between September and November 2012. It is anticipated that we will have similar timelines in 2013. It is important to note that for the book publishers, all data will have to be received by about July 2013. So you would have between when the winner is announced (July 2012) until about July 2013 to complete the project. What is the theme for submissions? We are not being prescriptive about the theme for submissions. The work submitted should be a photographic project that you are currently undertaking, or that is in progress, and that is possibly inspired by the work of Ernest Cole. You will need to  structure your submission around your own selected theme, narrative or subject. You might want to look at some social documentary type work done by other photographers, at Ernest Cole’s work or have a look at Dale Yudelman's, the winner from 2011. The Application is in pdf – do I have to complete the entire form by hand? Unfortunately we do not have the application form in another file format. You can fill in the shorter sections and personal details by hand directly onto the form. For the longer parts of the application form, including the written proposal, you may type this up in a separate document, and attach it to the rest of the application form.  If submitting a separate document in addition to the Application Form, we suggest that you include the document in both a soft and hard copy. Must the Photographs submitted have Captions? All the photographs submitted must ideally have captions/ titles. Once again a reminder that all submissions must be received by the closing date in order to be considered.  
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  1. Abbigeal says:
    Where do i find 2013 application forms for ernest cole photography competition?

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