Opening of the Ernest Cole Exhibition in Cape Town

The Ernest Cole Exhibition at the Iziko South African National Gallery officially opened on Friday 25 Feb. This wonderful event also served as the official announcement of the Ernest Cole Award for photographers in South Africa. The room was filled with good music, fine food  and familiar faces, some of whom you might recognise in the photos!

Justice Albie Sachs and Riason Naidoo

Hassan' Adas's Afro Band

David Hartman

Rooksana Omar

Minister for International Development Cooporation Ms Gunilla Carlsson

Pam Warne, Gunilla Knape, James Matthews and Lars Andersson

Paul Weinberg, Claire McNulty, David Goldblatt and George Hallet

Photographs by Carina Beyer, Iziko Museums

The Exhibition

The Exhibition

The Exhibition

Photographs by Claire McNulty
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