Dale Yudelman

Dale Yudelman’s career in photography has led him through two eras of South African history as well as across several continents. Born in Johannesburg, he began photographing at a young age under the tutelage of his father and was barely out of his teens in 1979 when he landed a job as staff photographer at South Africa’s largest daily newspaper The Star. In 1986 Yudelman left South Africa - working as a freelance photographer first in London and later in Los Angeles., he returned to South Africa in 1996 and currently lives and works in Cape Town. http://www.daleyudelman.com/ Photographs from his Ernest Cole Award submission:

Shopper with doll- Milnerton Market © Dale Yudelman

Brenda Wintgen Sullivan/Royal Wedding fundraising luncheon – Darling © Dale Yudelman

Heidi/Sex worker - Woodstock © Dale Yudelman

Goodman/blind musician © Dale Yudelman

Soweto boxing club jacket - Church St © Dale Yudelman

Sleeping dog - Hout Bay Harbour © Dale Yudelman

Mechanic – Landsdowne © Dale Yudelman

Woman cleaning oven – Seapoint © Dale Yudelman

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18 Responses to Dale Yudelman

  1. Dan harris says:
    Worthy winner for sure, looking forward to seeing more, Yudeman has one of the great POV's on the planet, he finds images like no other, about time he got a career retro at Michael Stevenson or Goodman!
  2. Clifford Yudelman says:
    G'day from Perth Australia Amazing work!!!!!!! well done Boetie, I can't wait to see the book when it is finished. Your work has always blown me away, you've got a great eye and know how to use it. You're going to make it hip to shoot square again. Good on ya. Cheers Clifford
  3. Saxeman says:
    Nice one bro! Like Cliff says - hip to be square! I like the format and subject matter! C u in CT 1st week of August! sweetas Mazel Tov
  4. Brett Yudelman says:
    Talent like no other fantastic shots ,your stuff is always amazing ,you see the world like no other. Your small boetie in Sydney Bretty boy
  5. Jenny Altschuler says:
    Hey Daley, congrats and about time. Your work is sooo fresh even after seeing older images many times. A rare and inspiring vision. I am so amped to see the whole new series. Best, JennyA.
  6. Smusko says:
    Well done Dale. Been a fan since the blue house
  7. shelly diamond says:
    Congratulations Dale, fantastic. You must be chuffed to bits x
  8. Selywn says:
    Hey Brudda Daley Boy. You make me proud and happy. Wonderful work.
  9. Shinks says:
    Well deserved recognition for a true artist. Daley B - you have a view on the world like no other.....filled with humor and pathos, you manage to capture all the complexities of life in one little frame....something that many struggle to convey in 90 minutes or more of moving images. You rock - congratulations!!!!
  10. ajira says:
    Fantastic work! Congratulations Dale! Looking forward to seeing more of your work when I come back home!!
  11. Greg Beadle says:
    Well done Dale So proud to be associated with you
  12. Bev Sontz says:
    Daleyboy from the days of typing your labels to now, always one of your biggest fans. What a treat to see the world through your eyes! Sending love. Bev
  13. Jaqi Gecelter says:
    Daley boy mazeltov...from the days back whence to hence..you have always managed to capture it all in the blink of an eye..You are truly a talented man and an inspiration..Jaqi
  14. Clare Louise Thomas says:
    Flipping brilliant news. Strong work. Well done Dale!
  15. Rene Jeannes says:
    Well done Dale! awesome work!
  16. Paul Hofman says:
    Well done Dale. Love the portraits. I wish you well for the future...Best.
  17. Lisa Goldblatt says:
    No one deserved this more Dale. From the bottom of my heart to the tops of my toes I wish you a huge congratulations. If I were in Cape Town, I would sing it from the Mountain. I always expected great things from you. Well done.
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