Ilan Godfrey announced as the 2012 winner of the Ernest Cole Award

First of all thank you to all of the applicants that submitted their work for consideration for the 2012 Ernest Cole Award. The submissions we received this year were of an extremely high standard, which left the adjudication committee with some tough decisions to make. The committee sat in July and have selected this year's winner. We are also excited to inform you that during the adjudication session, a decision was taken to introduce an annual Master Class. Invites will be extended to some of the 2012 Award Applicants by the Committee. We will announce further details in the near future. More importantly, who won the 2012 Award? We are excited to announce that this year’s winner is Ilan Godfrey, whose submission is titled Legacy of the Mine’. More about Ilan can be found at his website The study explores the consequences of mining on South Africa's land and people - an exploration of the need for economic growth versus protection of the environment. Once a symbol of wealth and formidable force in the development of SA, the mine today reveals the scars of neglect and decay, which poses a threat to our society. Please join us in congratulating Ilan on his win!
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7 Responses to Ilan Godfrey announced as the 2012 winner of the Ernest Cole Award

  1. Richard Godfrey says:
    Well done Ilan well deserved .. Great Project
  2. Rachel Kohaly says:
    Fantastic work Ilan
  3. Eyoalha says:
    Congratulations Ilan Godfrey! Im sure that you are a well deserved winner. Best of luck on the project!
  4. Liane Greeff says:
    Hi Ilan This is such wonderful news - and wonderful for highlighting harsh social justice issues in the world of platinum, gold etc. Hope I can be of help. Liane
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  6. David Larsen says:
    Hi Ilan, Congratulations. I am thrilled you are the recipient of the award and will be able to continue your project. Looking forward to see the outcome. David
  7. Rob says:
    would be awesome if there were any links :p

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